Welcome to my new website and blog!  My name is Stephanie Weiss-Wood and I’m a survivor of toxic  mold (black mold) illness.  I live in Leesburg, Virginia and have already done some local outreach to educate and help those affected by this illness.  My hope, to make people aware of a very dangerous issue that can develop in water damaged properties, and that is MOLD.  Five years ago, I DID NOT know that mold could be, and hidden mold that I could not see, could be the reason I was so very ill, for so very long.  Mold Illness, in my case, was progressive, spread over two and a half years in a water damaged property, a connect the dots you might say, a pattern of symptoms, some chronic.  Mold Illness is a serious, and frequently mis-diagnosed condition that can have significant impacts on your health, your finances, and your relationships.  I’ve done hundreds of hours of research and I want to share my experience with anyone interested in hopes that you don’t have to suffer, quite possibly YOU TOO might be sick from mold in your home or workplace.

This web-site will be updated as frequently as I get new information.  As I remember significant things about the past five years I will add them.  For example, when I was my sickest I would tell friends ”I was eating for fuel, to keep my body going”.  I had no idea why, but I would choose foods that were packed with carbs, and lost weight.  I also told friends that my skin was being poisoned, had no idea why I came up with that, except my skin would burn and get raised rashes, and it felt as if I were being poisoned.  I am still very sun and heat sensitive, and if the sun is bright it can hurt my eyes.  I would frequently tell my mother, that I felt as if I were dying and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me.  My mother and I  are estranged now, my father called me insane at one point.  If I had not gone the direction I did, done the research, seen the assorted different doctors, read the stories of hundreds of other people going through exactly the same terrifying experience, I would quite possibly be dead or dis-abled.

So here is my last five years, ongoing need to research and pass along what I find,  so YOU DO NOT NEED to suffer for as long as I did.  And I pray that for you, you can get a handle on what is happening before you are sensitized to almost everything you were okay with before.  I AM SIMPLY HERE TO HELP YOU MAKE SENSE OF IT ALL.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER:  Mold and the effects from mold in a water damaged property can totally ruin your health.  You are not crazy.  Know your body.

…Beware: Sinusitis is Often Misdiagnosed The problem with sinus issues is that they’re very easily misdiagnosed. Sinus problems and post-nasal drip can actually be a tip-off that you’re being affected by mold or fungi. In fact, research done by the Mayo Clinic in the 1990s strongly suggests that NEARLY ALL chronic sinusitis is caused by fungi, but blamed on bacteria – then mistreated using antibiotics.
The findings were published in 1999 in two peer-reviewed journals, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and Mayo Clinic Proceedings.(1) Yet most physicians are still unaware of this study, or at least of its significance. A 1999 Mayo Clinic press release(2) stated:

Mayo Clinic researchers say they have found the cause of most chronic sinus infections – an immune response to fungus.”

The Mayo Clinic study suggests that 96% of the people who suffer from chronic sinusitis are “fungal sensitized,” meaning they have immune responses triggered by inhaled fungal organisms!
This explains why antibiotics are so ineffective for chronic sinusitis, as they target bacteria, NOT fungi. Antibiotics and steroids can actually worsen fungal-related infections by destroying your body’s natural biological terrain, creating an internal incubation ground for further fungal growth.
The bottom line is


Please feel free to review the information provided on the “Symptoms” page and on the “Resources” page of this website.  A “Blog” page is also included where you can ask questions, offer your own experience, and comment on others’ posts.  You can contact me via email and/or via Facebook by visiting the “Contact” page as well.

Here’s to a healthier world for all of us!